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Blasting Belly Fat

Posted by Metabolic Weight Loss Centers on 1/9/2012 to Healthy Tips

Blasting Belly Fat

by Metabolic Medical Center on Monday, November 7, 2011 at 10:11am


Considered just a part of getting older, an expanding waistline has become something to accept, like wrinkles. Increasing belly fat is more dangerous than just putting an eye out from a popped jeans button. Belly fat has been linked to higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.

What is belly fat

Belly fat is not isolated as an extra layer sitting just below the skin of your belly and mid section. It includes visceral fat _fat that surrounds internal organs. Some visceral fat is fine, in fact its needed to protect your organs and keep them functioning properly.

Why belly fat is dangerous

Too much visceral fat effects hormone levels, raises blood pressure, raises cholesterol, and inhibits the bodys ability to use insulin. What makes this particularly misleading is that you may be in a "normal" weight range based on BMI measurements.

What can we do about it

The good news, this fat comes off quickly. Metabolic Medical Centers are very familiar with treating the reasons behind belly fat. Its why we run such extensive tests when you become a new patient. We focus on lowering simple carbohydrates and adding more lean protein to help retain muscle mass.

What should I eat

Avoid "white" carbs like white bread, pasta and rice, yes they are low in fat but they spike blood sugar which stress your body from the inside and make you hungrier. Eating whole grains, salmon, and using olive oil keeps inner stress down.

What should I do

Talk to your doctor before you begin any type of exercise program. To blast that belly, do high intensity then low intensity cardio interval training You should be monitored by a fitness professional who can devise a plan and monitor your form. Avoid targeted abdominal (crunches, sit-ups, etc) exercises. You will build up muscle that sits behind the fat.